Books, Books, the magical…

Do you love books?

The real kind, the ones made from paper and ink…

The ones that feel good in your hands…

Oooh, me too.

I love to read books.

I used to spend my hard earned money on books of all topics.

And I would hang on to books after I read them…cause I loved them, why wouldn’t I read them again…and again…and again?

I even hung on to books cause they made me look smart…nothing like books on a shelf to make others think you are intelligent.

But come on and be honest…how many times have you read the books you’re hanging on to?

Have you even read the books you’re hanging on to?

Sometimes I would buy a few books and they would sit around collecting dust and I would never read them…but I looked smart with that book in my house…

And I don’t think I have ever read a book more than once…

(Ok, that’s not entirely true…I have read Prodigal Summer and 50 Shades of Grey twice :)…but of all the books I have owned, those have been the only two I read more than once.)

Why do you think books get stored on shelves, night stands, coffee tables, end tables, kitchen tables, in the car, or wherever else they may be?

I find books can cause a stress in my life…a “I need to read this book and this book and this book” but I don’t, cause I really don’t want to, but think I should, because I bought them, or a friend gave them to me, or Oprah said I should read it, or…or…or…

Have you thought about how much space could be freed up without those books?

And what about the amount of dust books collect…less books, less cleaning, ya baby that’s what I’m talking about!

I once had a friend with an entire room…an ENTIRE ROOM people…FULL of books…you couldn’t even walk into the room…imagine what that room could be used for…

So, gradually I have gotten rid most of my books…yep, that’s right, donated them right the heck outta my house.

And I now check out books from the library…uhhh huhhh that’s right, FREE baby! And I love that the library willingly stores and takes care of the books for me.

And I can put holds on books at the library and if they don’t have them, I can even request they purchase it…how cool it that!

I haven’t bought a book in a long time, I can’t even recall the last book I purchased…think of all the money I have saved, yeehaw!

I have been hanging on to a couple books lately: a recipe book, a CO hiking trail book, a personal workbook, a business workbook and two library books I am currently reading…that’s it.

So how about it?

How about taking 15 minutes to look around your house today?

Do you have books lying around you think you should read but don’t really want to?

Do you think there is someone else who would love to read it?

If one day you decide you want to read the book again, could you get it from the library, borrow from a friend, or find on Amazon?  Cause really, how many times have you actually wanted to re-read a book?

I think it’s about surrounding yourself with the items that bring value, meaning, happiness, and love to your life.

So by all means, if books do that for you, they aren’t clutter for you.

But if you feel a sense of dread when looking at your books or you feel like they are part of your endless list of to do’s, why not donate them, sell them, or give them away…right….now?

I believe if a book has come into my life, and right now doesn’t feel like the best time to read it, I let it go and if I am meant to read it, it will come back into my life…this has happened more than a few times for me…and when it came back, I was in the right state of mind to read it…then I gave it away:).

Five Things to Get Rid of…Right Now

I was that kid who loved to clean and organize “other peoples” spaces.

I loved going through cabinets, drawers, boxes, nooks, and crannies.

Investigating, inquiring, wondering why people had what they had.

And I LOVED to vacuum…I digress.

As I aged (ooo, like fine wine), I was able to let go of stuff easily.

I didn’t have much attachment to things…

(ok, so I did have a slight, some might say “unnatural” attachment to my blankie, which I slept with until I was 18 years old and had told my mom I wanted to be buried with when I died…uh, that’s kinda morbid.)

Back on track…

I naturally started attracting people who had an overwhelming amount of stuff which they couldn’t figure out how to sort through, get rid of, and find freedom from.

It felt like an insurmountable task for them.

My Mom encouraged me to create a business helping others to get rid of their stuff…

And for once I listened…

Of course only after dragging my feet for a very…long…time.

Getting rid of stuff just comes natural to me.

And I LOVE to get rid of stuff…

Clothes, toys, misc items, papers, things…

Pretty much anything I don’t value,

think is beautiful,

feel happy when I look at,

or feel good in.

Look around your space today.

What are five things you see right now that you don’t love?

That don’t make you feel good?

That maybe elicits anger, sadness, or confinement?

Do you like feeling this way?

Are you ready to let them go?

If so, get rid of them…right…now…

to a friend, the thrift store, to the recycle or trash bin.

Get them out of your space.

Before they suck any more of your time and energy.

Cause you want to feel good, happy, motivated, free, peaceful, or whatever you desire, in YOUR life!

Clutter Clearing…huh?

Over the years as a Health Coach and RN, I have realized how much internal and external clutter impacts our health, our happiness, our dreams, and our goals.

So, I created this blog to share my knowledge, experience, and story with you.  It’s my gift to the world and I hope you are able to find use of the information.

You may be asking, what is clutter?  Here is my definition:

Clutter is anything that is filling up our life, taking up space, holding us back from living the life we desire.

Clutter can feel draining, heavy, negative, and sometimes like it is sucking the life right out of us…yuck!

Clutter can keep us stuck, can cause us to procrastinate, and can leave us numbed out from life.

It can hold us in a job, a relationship, or a space that we desire to leave but feel trapped by.

Clutter can be found in obvious places like our home, car, or, office.

But did you know clutter can also be found in hidden places like our email inbox, our schedule and to do lists, our thoughts, and our relationships?

And what about what we put in and on our bodies…lot’s of ways to get cluttered there!

We can also clutter our lives by what we say to ourselves and others, and how we react to situations.

And how about the way we do or don’t move our body?

Now you may be wondering, what is a Clutter Clearing Coach?

As a clutter clearing coach, I guide people to recognize and let go of their clutter so they can breathe, move freely, and have space in their lives for what they really want and desire…like love, energy, time, vitality, happiness, money and more!

When I clear my own clutter, I feel empowered!

Check out my ‘Love Notes’ page to see how a few of my clients feel when they clutter clear.

How do you want to feel in your life?

What is holding you back and keeping you stuck from living your ideal life?

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I plan to give away loads of information on how to clutter clear your life, as well as keep you updated on The Clutter Clearing Coach’s happenings.

Welcome and Happy Clearing!